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Do these products ring a bell?

Over the past 6 months you may have picked one or more of these products hoping to offer Agency Services to Local & Online Businesses!

You did the right thing because selling services is the best bet in 2022! With more & more Businesses going online, the need for services is increasing every single day!

But are you stuck because you do not know how to build a website or a funnel to showcase your services? Also you do not have a way to collect payments?

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Linkable’s Done-For-You Agency Edition is loaded with gorgeous Templates that is specifically designed to sell services that you can Offer using products you already own..

Wondering what kind of Services?

Mobile App Services

YouTube Marketing Agency Service

Presentation Service

Agency CRM Service

Review Video Service

Voiceover, Reels, Audio Message & Podcast Service

ADA / WEB Accessibility Service

Web Monetization Service

QR Code Service

Lead Generation Service

Graphic Design Service

Special FX Video Service

Interactive Video Service

High Converting & Engaging Content Service

CryptoCurrency Cart Service

Funnel Building Service

Email Marketing Service

Content Creation Service

Website Creation Service

Isometric Illustration Video Service

Sketch Video Service

Animated Spokesperson Service

Lead Generating Video Quiz Service

We have a full DFY Service page for each of these services that you can use instead of Websites or Funnels to sell these services.

Forget about Websites, funnels, hosting & all the tough tech stuff!

Linkable’s DFY Agency pages are all you need to start selling services online.

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Hey… There Are Many More Stunning Features
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Ability to Take Appointment Bookings

YES! You read that right.. You can now take Appointment Bookings right from inside your Linkable Bio Pages. You can use AppointOMatic to create your calendar & availability & embed it right inside your Linkable Bio Pages.

Coming soon.

Ability to Add Podcasts

Podcasts are a huge way to connect with your Audience. Now you can add your Podcast links right inside your Linkable Bio & Mini Pages.

Ability to Access Linkable 2 Way QR Codes

You can share Linkable Bios in the form of QR codes. For instance you can print it on your Business card or share the code online with anyone. The default scanning leads to your Bio Page while you can also set these to go to..

• Website
• Call
• Whatsapp
• Google Map
• Coupon

For Instance when you set an SMS, when someone scans the code, it will open their SMS app with a prefilled text and they can just hit send. Great way to bring people into SMS Funnels! It works similarly for Website, Call, Whatsapp, Google Maps..

And A Lot, Lot More…

One Time Investment | No Tech Skills Needed | Commercial License Included

Get Instant Access to Linkable

Agency Templates

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  • 20 Bio link templates.

  • 20 Mini web templates.

  • 25+ Agency Bio Templates.

  • Ability to set Meta and OG keywords for pages.

  • Global appearance settings.

  • Create multiple blocks.

  • Add profile and banners.

  • Image carousel.

  • Call-To-Action Button

  • Image Grid Block

  • Media & Text Block

  • List Group Block

  • Testimonial Block

  • Podcast Block

  • Add Social Network Icons

  • Splitter horizontal.

  • Video block.

  • PayPal and Stripe payments.

  • Ability to manage orders.

  • Share links and pages URL on social networks.

  • Headline block.

  • Subscribe block.

  • Ability to add FAQs, Button. Timer, Image, Text, and Icon.

  • Ability to add ‘Get In Touch’ section.

  • Shareable QR code for linkable page.

  • Redirect QR code scan to make customer send SMS, Phone Call, Whatsapp, Maps and Coupon Code.

  • Ability to manually hide blocks.

  • Custom slug URL made possible.

  • Pixabay and Youzign integration.

  • Bonus 1 - 5 Additional Themes Value - $577

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Linkable DFY Upgrade


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Purchase this only if you already own Linkable. Use the same email to purchase. Your account will be upgraded but you will not receive any login information as you are already a member.

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This is an upgrade only for the existing users to get additional features. If you are a New user, please purchase from https://dfy.linkable.studio/special/

If you purchase from here, your account will not be created and you will not receive login information.

Q. I have Linkable Founding Member License. Do I need to upgrade ?

This upgrade is for you. It will give you access to add-on features including podcasts, appointment booking and elaborate QR code features. Plus we have also included 25+ DFY Agency Bio Pages to sell Top Services. Don't Miss this special pricing available only during this launch period.


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